For people who need tailored approach
Private lessons
1:1 lessons when 100% of the lesson is dedicated to you.
Russian teacher and founder of Kak Pushkin Project. (More about me)
How it works
Set the goal
Tell me what is your purpose in learning Russian and what result you want to get
Create a plan
I create a plan for our studies
We meet regularly in Zoom or any other app for video calls. With or without homework (as we decide).
Check the results
We return to our goal and check the progress!
What my students tell about my lessons
You will get:
  • Individual approach
    We will work for your goal, you interests, in your rhythm, using learning methods that suit you best.
  • Comfortable schedule
    We will choose days and time that work both for you and me.
  • A LOT of practice
    Usually you speak 80% of the lesson and I (the teacher) speak 20%. No boring lectures, only quick acquiring of active skills.
  • Interesting time spending
    If the lesson is not interesting, it does not work. We will practice activities that involve you so you'll get the language skills much faster.
I taught students from all over the world, including: the USA, Canada, Chilie, Spain, England, Switzerland, France, Germany, Croatia, Greece, New Zealand, South Korea, China etc.
Ready to start?
Everyday study does wonders. It is the easiest way to become fluent and get an excellent command of Russian in short period of time - it is proved by my students and myself. That's why I decided to offer the schema:

The more times a week you have lessons, the lower is the price.

So you can save both time and money, and I can guarantee the result and meeting your goals.
If you want to book a lesson or have questions -

If you are thinking about improving your Russian and want to have 1:1 classes, message me on Telegram or by email ( Include:

  • information about yourself (your country and timezone, you learning experience)
  • your goal in learning (what result you want to have)
  • audio- or videomessage of yourself talking in Russian (tell me about yourself anything you want: your name, city, hobbies etc. Don't be shy if you speak poorly - just try to say something). If you are a complete beginner and can't say a word in Russian - just skip this step.

That will help me to figure out how to build our studies to make them efficient for you, so I will return to you with some feedback and answer your questions.

You can also book a test first lesson to try what my practices look like before you make a decision to continue.