Who I am
why I teach Russian
My name is Anya, I am Russian and live in Moscow region. I am a language nut and almost all my life I worked at the most effective way of acquiring the language, both as a teacher and a student. I like to learn when I get fast results, enjoy it and when I am able to communicate effortlessly. I don't have excellent memory and I don't like boring exercises. I invested all my skills and knowledge into this learning project to let you aqcuire Russian quickly and with pleasure.
My expertise
Key facts about me and my experience
  • MSU education
    I graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in history
  • Learnt many languages
    English, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Korean, and also Antient Greek and Latin. I know how difficult it can be and how easy it can become with the right approach.
  • 10+ years of teaching
    I started teaching English after University and then switched to teaching Russian, my native language.
Обучение - это одно из самых интересных занятий в жизни. Я уверена, что оно должно быть увлекательным и давать быстрый видимый результат!
Anya (Аня)
Founder of "Kak Pushkin" Russian School
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