Russian Kids' Poetry Course
Acquire live Russian language in effortless way like a kid!
Next start of the course is in August 2024
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How the Russian Kids' Poetry course works
The goal of the course is to get used to live Russian language, dramatically improve listening skills, be able to use spoken phrases and not forget them as poems and rhymes stick to your mind for a long time. Kids' poems do not contain too complicated words, but their language is not primitive at all. There are words both of basic and advanced levels, so these poems will be useful both for beginners and advanced learners.

And what's more - THIS IS FUN, as children do not like boring things :)
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Let learning be pleasure! When it's interesting, it's useful for you!
The creator of the course
During the course you will work with 6 short poems, starting with very basic and short ones gradually going to more complicated. You will 100% understand the poem (by listening, reading and interacting practices I give you), feel it, be able to read it with expression and even tell by heart.
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How learners, who tried the cource, cite the poems. Level of the students is from beginner to advanced.
Course students tell Russian poems by heart
What our learners say ❤️
  • Barbora Plisková
    Dear Anya, I expected to learn six children rhymes but I have learnt much more. I have discovered the whole world of Russina poetry for children, some of them from the Russian writer from whom I learn the rhymes as a small girl in my native language (Agnia Barteau). I was so enthusiastic about learning rhymes that my children started counting down the moments until I couldn't resist and began reciting them in Russian. My husband keeps joking that I'm reciting Russian rhymes and practicing pronunciation even in my sleep, which of course isn't true! 🙂 Now, I'm motivated to learn the Russian language through poems and rhymes because I believe it allows me to develop not only my vocabulary and pronunciation but also fosters a deeper connection with the enriching culture of the Russian people. Anya, thank you very much for this experience!  Аня, большое спасибо за этот опыт!
  • Mauro Maia
    You know, I do not have a metronome and, as far as I remember, I never used one.
    Luckily we live in a day and age where everything can be found online.
    So it will be a great experience for me trying to speak in the pace of one.
    It even got me some ideas for me to use in my math classes. :)
  • Wan Wei
    Hi. Just came here to tell you that if you make one more Kids' Poetry after this one, I'll be interested in doing to. Обожаю этот курс.
As a result, after the course you'll automatically recognize all the vocabulary from poems when you hear it somewhere else, and you will be able to use it while you speak by yourself. What's more, you will improve your listening skills in general - it will be much easier for you to understand people with different voices and speaking pace (due to technique "3D listening"). Your will for sure increase the speed of answering while talking to somebody. And you'll get that cultural background all Russian people have from childhood as we all read some poems of this kind when we were kids :)

The work on each poem has certain steps, so it's easy to understand the structure of your practice.
You will get the diary of practice and every day you'll get the new task. Don't worry, it won't be too difficult or boring :)
Freequently asked questions
Can I practice the course in any time?
Yes, you decide when to practice and you can do it in any time you feel comfortable. No need to be bound to a certain time. The only thing you need to pay attention to is regularity.
How long will the course last?
The course is planned for 6 weeks -- it's the recommended time during which you will be able to practice everything and finish it. However, there will be and extra month for you when you can get my feedback, so if you need to go at a slower pace or need to make a pause, don't worry and take your time. 6 weeks is a recommended optimal time for practicing 6 poems.
How long will I have access to the course?
You will have the access for 10 months. It's more than enough for practicing, and after you finished the course you will have everything in your head, so no need to revise anything -- just enjoy your new skills and go ahead :) You can also download audio materials for your personal use and return to them in any time, if you want.
Can I do the course if I am a total beginner?
100% yes if you know English (as it is a mediator language in this course). If you can't read Russian letters you can practice only by listening and saying, and you will have good results in acquiring Russian language. However, if you are a beginner and CAN read Russian words, you will take full profit of the course.
The course is placed on the learning platform
Well structured and easy to go through. Different types of activities: a lot of listening, saying aloud, scripts, video instructions and, of course, my support and feedback! Instrustions and my support is in English (I can give you feedback in Russian if you want).
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