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Scripts + MP3s + additional materials (phrases explanation, book for ep.16 and songs + lyrics for ep.25): ALL published episodes and future ones up to 50th!
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What learners say about "Kak Pushkin" podcast
Что говорят слушатели о подкасте "Как Пушкин"
  • Like Pushkin is an excellent podcast for anyone learning Russian. It covers interesting topics in fairly slow and very clearly spoken Russian. The poscast comes with transcripts, which are extremely useful, and the episodes are short enough that you can listen multiple times. Highly recommended!
    Cindy, the USA
  • Your project is so cool! I think LikePushkin, RussianProgress and RussianPodcast and the top three podcasts available for Russian learners. Your tone of voice is nice to hear, the speed is also fine (I listen to each podcast 5 times, and by the 2nd and 3rd time I speed it up to 1,2x). I also think the topics are fine as well. :)
    Carlos Reyes Barría
    Chile, learns Russian for 1-2 years
  • Ваши подкасты очень полезные, интересные и красивые.
    Else Marie Kjærsgaard
    Danmark, more than 5 years experience
  • Спасибо большое вам за подкаст и текст !!
    Юй Чинь
    Taiwan, more than 5 years experience
  • I think the most interesting podcasts are the ones with stories from your personal life!
    USA, 1-2 years of experience
  • Спосибо за подкасть!
    Paula Karine Lopes de Souza
    Brasil, learns Russian for 7 - 12 months