Russian reading intensive course
Я читаю по-русски (B1 - C2)
6 stories
You will read 6 stories in Russian in a month
My support
You can write me in Telegram and ask any questions about the stories - I will help you
Optional: do the speaking or writing task and get personal feedback from me!
You will read 6 interesting stories of 6 popular Russian writers.
How many people who learn Russian have a real skill of reading in Russian? I don't mean reading the posts on Instagram or scripts for the podcasts :) but reading a real original story or a book? Not many actually. But almost everybody wants to (all my students told me about it when they started studying with me).

This course gives a regular structured reading practice with some extra materials (like mini podcast about the story). I tell you how to read the story, and I give you my support - you can ask me for help if you don't understand something, just let me know in messenger and I will explain. When you have read the story, you can retell it to me in written or in audio message - that will help you to activate the language and vocabulary. After every retelling you will get a personal feedback from me!

You will read a lot during this month, develop your feeling of the language, enlarge your vocabulary and have fun! What's more, you will even learn to speak and write better (have you known that intensive reading makes you think in the language that influences your speaking and writing skills too?). As a bonus, you will meet famous Russian writers and touch Russian culture through these stories.

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About the course
  • Who is the course for?
    For people from B1 to C2 level of Russian, who want more reading practice and are inspired to explore the Russian literature and discuss it after reading.
  • What will I get?
    6 stories of different authors in Russian (some are easier and shorter, some - longer and more challenging), extra materials, instructions, tasks and my support and feedback
  • What if I can't read the story in time?
    No problem, you will have extra month to read everything, have my support, retell and get my feedback. So, you will get the 1-month course + 1 extra month to finish everything if you need.
  • What people who finished the course say about it?
    You can find a real feedback of my students below (please scroll a bit).
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay in € (Euro) from any country all over the world via your card. It's quick and safe payment and all my students use it.
If you have any questions, please contact me: or in Telegram:
Авторы рассказов, которые вы будете читать на курсе
Виктор Драгунский
Victor Dragunsky
Владимир Сутеев
Vladimir Suteev
Константин Паустовский
Konstantin Paustovsky
Леонид Пантелеев
Leonid Panteleev
Николай Носов
Nikolay Nosov
Михаил Зощенко
Mikhail Zoschenko
Boost your Russian language skills via intensive reading. It's fun! My support will help you to get the maximum from this course.
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