Russian Language Fitness
Регулярная разговорная практика / Regular Spoken Practice
Practice when and where you want
You are not bound to any schedule. You need only a smartphone or a camera - speak according to the task I give you, record yourself and send me your video. Practice when and where you want!
Get materials to prepare
Audio for listening and shadowing, script, essential words translation and your personal task to prepare. + My support: if you have questions, are stuck or need help I am always in touch
Receive video feedback every week
Every week I make detailed video feedback personally for you. I will tell you what is already good, your points to grow and my recommendations (according to your goal and priorities)
Every week you work out a new topic, activate a bunch of spoken words and phrases and practice, practice, practice!
What level is the program for?
Learners of different levels will get different benefits
If you know the basics, can read and tell about yourself and simple topics, and if you understand the main ideas in my podcasts, you're welcome. You will boost your vocabulary and start speaking about the majority of things people often talk.
You have a good vocabulary and can understand my podcasts, but find it difficult to speak. You forget everything when try to communicate and are afraid to make mistakes. This program is a soft start of communication and the springboard to talking to real people.
You already speak Russian but need more practice and want to make your speech more natural and spoken. You want some interesting live material (not this artificial from the student's book) and would like to speak like a native. Awesome, that's what you'll get here :)
What language will I send video feedback in?
I will ask you before the start what you prefer: Russian or English. That will be the language I will communicate with you during the course. If you wish you can change it during the course.
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