Learn on Kids' Poetry
Acquire live Russian language in effortless way like a kid!
How the LKP course works
The goal of the Learn on Kids' Poetry course (LKP course) is to get used to live Russian language, dramatically improve listening skills, be able to use spoken phrases and not forget them as poems and rhymes stick to your mind for a long time. Kids' poems do not contain too complicated words, but their language is not primitive at all. There are words both of basic and advanced levels, so these poems will be useful both for beginners and advanced learners.

And what's more - THIS IS FUN, as children do not like boring things :)
I want to try!
Let learning be pleasure!
The creator of the course
During the course you will work with a bunch of poems, starting with very basic and short ones gradually going to more complicated. You will 100% understand the poem (by listening, reading and interacting practices I give you), feel it, be able to read it with expression and even tell by heart.
As a result, after the course you'll automatically recognize all the vocabulary from poems when you hear it somewhere else, and you will be able to use it while you speak by yourself. What's more, you will improve your listening skills in general - it will be much easier for you to understand people with different voices and speaking pace (due to technique "3D listening"). Your will for sure increase the speed of answering while talking to somebody. And you'll get that cultural background all Russian people have from childhood as we all read some poems of this kind when we were kids :)

The work on each poem has certain steps, so it's easy to understand the structure of your practice.
You will get the diary of practice and every day you'll get the new task. Don't worry, it won't be too difficult or boring :)
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